Business Management and ADMINISTRATIVE Consulting Services

Our Business Management and Administrative Consulting Services helps organizations to increase their flexibility, to decrease and control their costs, and to refocus their efforts on their core business objectives.


Team Management and Oversight

Outsourcing the management and oversight of your team frees up resources and gives your organization the flexibility it needs to respond quickly to ever changing needs. Our managers have decades of management experience in a myriad of industries and can quickly be in place to help move your organization up to the next level.

Interim C-Suite Management

When members of your C-Suite exit it leaves a gaping hole in your organization. We step into the gap with subject matter expertise and interim management expertise. Filing the shoes of a C-suite management position takes a special touch and we have 20+ years of experience walking in those shoes.


Finance and Bookkeeping Operations and Support

We combine timely response with domain expertise to provide the outstanding and tailor-made finance support services to meet your crucial requirements. Our comprehensive range of finance operations and support services include:

  • Accounting Clean Up

  • Financial Presentations

  • Industry Trends and Technology Updates

  • Project Finance

  • Reporting Standards Guidance

Human Resources Operations and Support

Managing your organization’s people can be time-consuming and quite challenging. We offer attention to detail and a range of services that organizations large and small can count on. We offer:

  • Full-Service Outsourced Human Resources

  • Outsourced Training and Development

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee Selection, Onboarding, and Reporting

  • Compensation Design and Management

  • Benefit and Retirement ServicesTimekeeping Systems

  • Talent Management

  • Talent Mobility

  • Employee Manual Development

  • Writing Policies and Procedures

Sales and Marketing Operations and Support

Build awareness, generate leads, and close sales...sound's simple enough! However, in today's noisy digital world, it a tough job! Our experience and innovation drive us to the next sale, We offer:

  • Full-Service Outsourced Sales and Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Automation


  • CRM Administration

  • Editorial Calendar Development and Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing Collateral Design

  • E-commerce Support

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Deal Management

  • Sales and Marketing Pipeline

  • Website Design and Development

Office Administration and Support

Our Office Administrative and Support Services allow you focus away from the administrative details and concentrate on what you do best and what makes your organization money! The services we offer:

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Email Support

  • Scheduling Support

  • Meeting Support

  • Online Research

  • Travel Research

  • Telephone/Video Conference Support

  • Reporting and Form Submittal Support

  • Workflow Design

  • Space Utilization and Design

  • Task Prioritization