education and Community Speaking

We are speakers and thought-leaders who speak to colleges and universities, k-12 school districts, libraries, and civic and fraternal  groups. Our audiences will be informed, inspired and invigorated to action. Each pro-bono speaking engagement to a community or education group may be between 15 and 45 minutes.


Leadership Lessons from Presidents

Our greatest Presidents have shown us what leadership really is. Our greatest Presidents have show us that those things that usually get presidents elected aren't usually the characteristics things that make them good leaders. They have shown us that leadership has little to do with charisma, but much more about vision, communication, and . We can learn and apply valuable leadership lessons from the examples of some great U.S. Presidents.


Business in the 21st Century: An Opera in 3 Acts

Opera, with its costumes, staging, music and drama, is considered the "ultimate art." It uses both the visual and the auditory arts. Business today is not just about products and services and bottom lines, but is an art form unto to itself. We tell the story about business in the 21st century in terms of the art of entrepreneurs, the drama of change, and the passion of people. 


THE Essential Elements to Getting Promoted

Today's criteria for getting promoted is entirely different than what is was just a few years ago. Today, organizations struggle to find people who can deal successfully with change and other people, and who can proactively seek out problems and their effective and efficient solutions.