Immersive Mastermind Groups

This is not your grandparents' mastermind group! Our i+MasterMind Groups are immersive and are intended to challenge you and to move you forward very quickly! Our i+MasterMind Groups combine the concept of a peer advisory board (a pure mastermind group) with that of a group-relevant SME coach. Our i+MasterMind Groups afford you the best of both worlds! Your peers will help you brainstorm new possibilities, push you with new perspectives, provide you with feedback, and hold you accountable. Our coaches facilitate the group meetings, focus the group on the relevant goals, and provide you the necessary expertise and resources help you become more successful.

Each i+MasterMind™ Group has specific and targeted goals, and operates in a virtual environment. Importantly, they are limited to five members and to only four months in duration. Our i+MasterMind Groups are intended to leap-frog you ahead of everyone else by having like-minded people (the group members) and our SME coaches come alongside of you to support you and your goals.

Now is the time to join our i+MasterMind™ Groups! Now is the time to pass all others and to succeed faster!

Our i+MasterMind Groups feature:

  • Group size limited to only five (5) members
  • Group duration limited to only four (4) months (Succeed quickly and move on!)
  • An initial 60-minute one-on-one (private) consultation, and vision and goal-setting call
  • A weekly 60-minute i+MasterMind Group Call. The Group Call includes:
    • Check-in on progress toward goals
    • Collaboration on group-relevant ideas
    • Group member "hot-seat"
    • Moderated by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Coach
    • Q&A time
  • A monthly 60-minute i+MasterMind Webinar (that's a total of 4 webinars) with group-relevant content designed to move the group members closer to their goals
  • A monthly 30-minute i+MasterMind™ Consultation Call (private/one-on-one with SME Coach) with each member (that's a total of 5 one-on-one consultation calls with an SME Coach)
  • Access to group- and goal-relevant resources (i.e. eBooks, white papers, articles, blogs, websites, books, video and audio programs, webinars, podcasts, etc.) 
  • Exclusive permanent access to our secret  i+MasterMind Facebook group moderated by SMEs where group members can:
    • post and respond to questions,
    • describe problems and issues,
    • access content and resources,
    • collaborate on ideas, and
    • celebrate successes!
  • Exclusive invitation to our Annual i+MasterMind Summit (tentatively scheduled for November 9-11, 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Exclusive Member Discounts on all products and services