Keynote Speaking

Our keynote addresses establish the main or underlying themes for meetings or conferences and are used to create a framework for the remaining discussions, sessions or meetings.

We have constructed three keynote addresses that speak to the core issues of leadership, self-management, and doing work that is transformational. Each keynote address, of course, will be different, as we tailor the content of each to that of the needs of the specific audience.

Below are our keynote addresses, which will be tailored to your needs. Each keynote speech may be scheduled to last between 30 minutes and three hours.


Leading with Influence!

Leadership is all about influence! Influence is something that is cultivated, built-up over time, and it is extremely intentional. This keynote address will discuss how to build influence with your team by communicating effectively and inspiring others to act.

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Creating Your Best You!

Being your best and doing your best are two very different things, yet they are inextricably linked together! This keynote speech will discuss the key elements of doing and being "your best" and how to create your best so that you be at the top of your game at all times!


Transformative Success!

One of the top reasons people leave their jobs today is that they are not challenged in their work. All of us want to do work that is meaningful and transformational. Yet there seems to be a disconnect in our work! This keynote discusses how to build a tranformative workplace.

In addition to those keynote addresses, we can construct a keynote specifically for your audience.