Vision - Mission - Values

A Great Foundation is a solid organizational footing that includes a forward-looking vision, a mission that inspires people, good core values that guide you and your people, goals that drive you forward, and sound organizational and management structures.


Developing and Imprinting Your Organization with Vision, Mission, and Values

Stephen Covey's second habit in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is "begin with the end in mind." That's what a vision is. It's your future-oriented big picture! The mission is purpose behind the organization. It answers the who, when, where, why, what and how questions. The values of an organization are it's principles and standards of behavior. Without vision,  mission, and values organizations flounder and perish. That's why it's so important to spend time constructing them, and, even, from time to time, re-constructing them. In this seminar you will learn the essential elements of vision, mission, and values and how the lead your team through the process of constructing them. You will also learn how to imprint the organization's vision, mission, and values onto everything the it, from developing great products and services to treating your customers and clients like they mean everything.


How to Build a Values-Based Organization 

The organization's values are its basic beliefs and guiding principles that apply across the organization. They underpin all of the work within the organization and how it is carried out. Organizational values are crucial! Without them, each individual's values dictate the work and that is an organization that will suffer from ethical confusion and decay. In this seminar, you will learn how to construct a set of organizational values and how to use those values to guide everything the organization does.




Your Goals! How to Achieve More

Achieving your goals is essential to your purpose and self-fulfillment. Being able to achieve your goals is a matter of setting goals, making the appropriate time and resource commitments, and execution. In this seminar, you will learn how you can be more productive and successful by setting good written goals, planning out the specific work tasks, time periods, and resources, and developing a laser-focus to achieving those goals. Using these specific tools and techniques, you will achieve more and you will become more effective in everything you do!