Coaching Services

We provide one-on-one coaching services, on-line and/or in-person.



Public Speaking

As professional speakers and business trainers we have given thousands of speeches and presentations! We have also been judges for speech and debate competitions. We use those skills and that experience to train and coach others in public speaking. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned public speaker, we can help you become a better speaker.


Project Management

We are highly experienced project managers who have been teaching project management classes and coaching others in project management for over 10 years. We can quickly help you fully understand project management and project management tools and techniques. Whether you want to improve your skills on the job or are trying to pass any of the PMI exams, we can help you!


Microsoft Project

We have been teaching Microsoft Project classes and coaching people in Project for over 10 years. We are Microsoft Certified Professionals/Certified Microsoft Specialists in Managing Projects with Microsoft Project. We are highly experienced project managers with over 20 years of experience using Microsoft Project in real-world projects. We can help you master this demanding and highly versatile software!


New Business Start-up Planning

We are entrepreneurs who know what its like to launch and grown new ventures. We coach other entrepreneurs in the art of launching successful and sustainable business ventures.